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Rapid exponential developments in science and medicine have opened up amazing horizons for the treatment of various disorders ranging from simple illnesses like acne and eczema to chronic illnesses like arthritis and life threatening ones like heart disease.

Stress and depression are now a part of common man’s life and today everyone suffers from anxiety and psychological ailments. Also, there is a great prevalence of sleep disorders among the common public. Narcolepsy is a complex sleep disorder causing excessive sleepiness and drowsiness during the day, causing an inability to perform day to day activities with ease.
Though most sleep disorders can be easily cured with medications and therapy, it is best to resort to use of natural therapies. Listed below are a few natural *cures* for narcolepsy.


Gingko is an excellent herb for the treatment of narcolepsy. Gingko biloba enhances and protects the nervous system by improving circulation of blood to the brain and protecting the nervous cells with its antioxidant action.
Gingko leaves have active constituents like flavonoids and terpenoids. These substances are excellent in improving narcolepsy and other nervous system disorders.
However, it is essential to keep in mind that one should not consume gingko extracts before going in for a surgical procedure or if the individual suffers from a bleeding disorder.


Ginseng is a natural stimulant, another amazing herb for the treatment of narcolepsy. It helps reduce symptoms by improving the blood circulation to the brain, which in turn, ensures that the brain receives an increased supply of oxygen and other vital nutrients. It can be taken in the tincture form or can be added to tea.


Rosemary, an herb widely used in numerous food preparations, is another amazing substance that treats narcolepsy.
It boosts circulatory system and can be taken as a tincture, capsule, or can even be added to tea.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is thought to reduce the symptoms of narcolepsy to a considerable extent. Merely adding more cayenne pepper to your food preparations is thought to have a positive effect on the condition of an individual suffering from narcolepsy.

Diet Changes

Diet plays a vital role in maintaining many sleep disorders, including narcolepsy. Adding more sea vegetables and green leafy vegetables to your diet can make a great difference.
It is also recommended that a person suffering from narcolepsy eat high protein foods like meats, nuts, poultry, cheese, soy products and increase the uptake of vitamin B rich foods like brewer’s yeast and brown rice.This is because protein rich foods and foods having high vitamin B content increase alertness and freshness.

Gotu Kola

Gotu kola is an herb that strengthens and protects the connective tissue system, that ensures enough blood and oxygen reach the brain, which is ideal for the treatment of narcolepsy. The antioxidant effect of this herb is a wonderful treatment for narcolepsy, as it protects the nervous system cells from damage.
Consuming this herb frequently, however, may have a few side effects like skin rashes and irritation. Consult a physician before use.

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