In a nutshell, Maryanne is a mum, a wife, a  freelancing Graphic – web Designer and a Digital Marketer by profession. I’m also a Narcolepsy Patient Advocate. I also love nature and a bit outdoorsy person. I have been a scout ever since I can remember, though inactive at the time, but you know what they say, once a scout always a scout.

So, the major inspiration to have this site apart from having a domain with my own name… lol, is to complement my effort of creating sleep hygiene awareness online #usingiziinitiative, promote my skills as a Graphic Designer and overall share most of my diverse hobbies and interests.

I am with conversant with MailChimp Email Marketing Service, Facebook Business Manager, Google Analytics, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign (Adobe Creative Suite), Joomla, WordPress sites and photography skills.

Professional Summary

  1. Developing, Updating & Maintenance of Websites, Blogs & Social Media Pages. 
  2. Tracking website hits & social media traffic by use of Google Analytics.
  3. Email Marketing: designing mobile first (responsive) HTML E-shots/Newsletters.
  4. Designing marketing materials including Story/mood boards, PowerPoint Presentations, posters, newsletters, flyers, Brochures, business cards etc.
  5. Developing, updating and managing Clients Database and sending out of regular emails using Microsoft Access.
  6. Updating of the Company’s Extranet & Unified Administration Interface Sites
  7. Search Engine Optimization & Tracking Website Hits by use of Google Analytics

So thank you for taking your time and stopping by and I do hope you will learn something new and most of all get a glimpse of my life as a Narcoleptic.

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