Parenting with a lifelong, chronic condition can be challenging, but it DOESN’T automatically make us bad parents. The guilt we feel is natural and ahard thing to let go of. I hope this video helps some one in some smallway.
I’m a PWN (person with narcolepsy) based in the UK and write under the name of crazy narcolepsy. I have a particular personal and academic interest in the sociological and life effects this neurological condition has upon peoples lives. After hiding my symptoms from most people for 11 years, I threw off the sleepy covers fairly violently 5months ago and decided to publicly write about the difficulties the condition can have and address the hidden, less talked about symptoms in the hope that it will help others. I’ve very recently started developing some research into the life effects of this condition (an area that has had very little research attention previously), which is intended to be featured within a comprehensive handbook of narcolepsy that myself and two other writers are working on.

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