How To Type Special French Characters

How To Type Special French Characters

If your word processor does not allow you to use the special character shortcut keys, you will have to use the Alt key combinations. While holding down the Alt key, type the number combination on the keypad (make sure that the number lock is on).

To print a copy of this list for easy reference, click on the button below. A new page will appear that contains only the list of Alt key combinations. Simply click the print icon on your browser’s tool bar.

L’accent aigu

  1. é =Alt-0233
  2. É =Alt-0201

L’accent grave

  1. à = Alt-0224
  2. è= Alt-0232
  3. ù= Alt-0249
  4. À =Alt-0192
  5. È= Alt-0200
  6. Ù= Alt-0217

L’accent circonflexe

  1. â= Alt-0226
  2. ê = Alt-0234
  3. î =Alt-0238
  4. ô= Alt-0244
  5. û= Alt-0251
  6. Â =Alt-0194
  7. Ê= Alt-0202
  8. Î = Alt-0206
  9. Ô= Alt-0212
  10. Û= Alt-0219

Le tréma

  1. ë= Alt-0235
  2. ï= Alt-0239
  3. Ë = Alt-0203
  4. Ï = Alt-0207

La cédille

  1. ç=Alt-0231
  2.  Ç = Alt-0199
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