Luckily in 2018, Narcolepsy Africa Foundation team met up with Dr. Erick Njenga from Aga Khan University Hospital during one of the the television features. Dr Njenga is our angel in disguise because since then he has been handling our inquiries whenever someone reaches out suspecting they may be having Narcolepsy symptoms.

Dr, Njenga main area of specialty is Endocrinology but also deal with two rare diseases, hereditary angioedema and narcolepsy. For children he works with a pediatric neurologist called Dr Samya and for adults Dr Sylvia Mbugua. So he links the patient to the necessary specialists once he gets inquiries from our group. Where their appointments are then they continue to follow up with the respective doctors.

I take this opportunity to thank Dr. Njenga and his team for his prompt assistance whenever we send him a patient. Narcoleptic or not he continues to touch many lives. Narcolepsy being one of the many existing rare conditions, I’ll dedicate a category in my blog for rare diseases in light of creating awareness of these conditions and how they affect our loved oned. Stay tuned!

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